Womens’ Business Jewelry

Here is a basic collection of jewelry for any professional woman. Great for gifts or yourself! With these 5 items, a lady can be ready for any event whether it be casual or formal, at the office or on travel. They will match every color scheme, type of garment, and last long term. Quality pieces made of real metals hold up best over time and offer a polished look.

This silver chain is our most commonly worn piece- almost daily many weeks. The simplicity is classy. It is thick and weighty so conveys confidence more than a dainty piece. Highly recommended for anyone.

An elegant gold chain is another key staple item. Gold looks amazing in flat chains providing just the right amount of color and shine.

A watch is essential at work and on travel! This great watch is perfect for daily business and travel when it’s smart to leave more costly items behind for safety. It charges itself with light so never needs a battery. Readers report using it for over 7 years straight, still working perfectly!

Lariat necklaces are a popular fresh look. They work perfectly with V-neck dresses and shirts. This necklace has so much pretty visual style and strikes the right balance between interesting and sleek.

A beautiful pearl statement ring adds an element of classy attention to detail- no matter what the occasion, weather, outfit, or marital status! This is a wear-anywhere piece that matches everything. Here is another similar lovely ring that could be a great starter piece.