Internal Promotions

It is critical to understand the internal rules of the game, both formal and informal. Is there a quarterly cycle? Are there requirements you need to meet, boxes to check? Is there a small team of decision-makers to whom it is important to get to know, so they are aware of your skills and value? If the manager does not support pursuing this for you and growth opportunities are important to you at that time, consider moving on to another position. If she does support you, offer to do everything you can to help her complete any required process. Send gentle reminders at regular intervals. Ask whether there is a template to fill out, such as a chart of how your accomplishments and skills match up to the next level’s requirements. Ask for the format, and fill it out with details lining including specific examples and summary talking points. Organizations often make it challenging for managers to promote staff, so the more you can do to enable a successful outcome the better. Work the established processes as best you can, and seek champions that will advocate for you.