Enjoy the Life You Have

Aim to be at peace with where you are while moving always forward

Seek to accept the the life that you have! Even while you move towards the next goal or experience, aim for contentment with where you are today despite it’s imperfections. You will not have every fabulous and interesting life possible. You need to make choices. Each path can be exquisite, challenging, joyous, mundane. You cannot be a doctor, rocket scientist, artist, archaeologist, and CEO at the same time. Remember that average numbers exist because some are below and some are above. Do not spend your life unhappy because you are not the next famous billionaire. Those are unrealistic expectations, and they set you up for disappointment. Try something bold if you can, yet know there is nothing wrong with a “regular” job and a family, failed endeavors, continuous improvement, leisure, pauses and windy paths—it can be wonderful. This is not meant to be limiting or depressing. It is to set you up for contentment. Being on a never-ending quest for unrealistic outcomes is not success. Achieving the best you can, among the constraints you have with the choices you make, is key to satisfaction. Bottom line: If you spend your time wishing you lived a different life than the one you have, you are missing out on making the most of the one you have.

Most animals’ lives are mostly about survival: meeting basic needs on a daily basis. Many humans’ are too, though we have come to expect much more. It is okay if you are working hard to get by, and do what you can to do right by others, provide for yourself and family, and enjoy life along the way. Life does not have to be all about hedonism, racking up accomplishments, and the next wild adventure. The simpler pleasures of time with loved ones can be just as or more satisfying.

Taoism is a great source of teachings to foster this approach. The I Ching is a perfect place to start, it is written in short sections that you can read in just a few seconds or minutes at any time. It can be read out of order, just flipping through for inspiration or as a daily practice.